Price: starting at 182,000 USD

Bedrooms: 103 Units, 1&2 Bd apartments, Studio-1 & 2 bedroom Penthouses




Discover a new retreat in Tulum that pays homage to the
four elements, fusing luxury, sustainability and
connection with nature for a unique vacation
experience. This exclusive Sanctuary redefines
conventional stays, becoming a jewel in the desired
destination of Tulum.

The development is divided into four phases, each
based on a natural element: Water, Earth, Air and Fire.
Visitors will be able to enjoy all the amenities of the
phases, which offer a harmonious and balanced
experience, promoting wellness and connection with

Water, source of life and mirror of the soul, flows through our
project as a thread that links every experience, every moment
of peace and every rejuvenating encounter. Here, the element
of water is presented in its purest and most beautifying forms,
from natural pools that mimic the sacred cenotes of the
region, therapeutic waterfalls that gently massage the skin
and spirit, to floating oasis that promise a total disconnection
from the daily hustle and bustle, allowing guests to float into a
state of deep meditation. The condominiums in this phase will
be located near these bodies of water, allowing the element of
water to be the center of the relaxation and rejuvenation
experience for guests

Amenities: Furnished & Equipped Gym Infinity Pool Lounge area Large Green areas Lobby with reception Parking Concierge service Sunbathing Restaurant Snack Bar Area Beach Club Elevator Water bodies Spa & hydrotherapy Shuttle Jacuzzi Bike Rental • Renewable Energy • Energy Efficiency • Water Management • Wastewater Treatment – Sustainable Materials • Waste Management • Environmental Education • Biodiversity Conservation – Sustainability • Landscape Integration • Thematic Cohesion • Enriching Experiences