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At TD Luxury Properties, it’s all about the service you receive. Enjoy a class of service that is completely personal. Never before available in Mexico, we dedicate time and energy to you, the client. Before you arrive, you will have received a thorough exploration of the available properties, plus some extras not seen by everyone. we treat our clients as friends, and most remain so long after their purchase.


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Decades of Experience In Luxury Real Estate

“Owning a home is a keystone of wealth, both financial affluence and emotional security.”

Suze Orman

Dedicated Agent

In most transactions, the agent is representing the interests of the seller only. If you want someone to represent your interests, you must have your own representation. We will work day and night to smooth out the bumps in the road that may arise. Plus, our team of professional closing agents and attorneys ensures your interests are always protected.

Customized Search Options

We listen! I want to know exactly what your needs and wants are; Golf? Sure, Beach, we got you, Security? Done! Everything connected to your purchase is explained, researched, and offered to you at no charge.  Let us get to work and have you in your new home in record time!

Purchase Evaluation

When purchasing a property, it’s important to work with a realtor that truly understands the current market. Our local knowledge spans years of visiting and living in Mexico. We will provide you with a complete market analysis. Add to that our vast experience, and you will get the straight story, no misleads, mistakes, and no BS.  We will make sure you fully understand the purchase price and variables to make an educated decision.

Our attorneys will do the title research on your property to make sure your purchase has no unforeseen problems.

Home Inspections / Condition Report

You have to know the condition of the home you are buying. A buyer’s inspection is mandatory in my sales, even new properties. We have relationships with the best home inspectors here and will get you on their busy schedules!

Closing Assistance

One of the most important tasks in a real estate purchase is the closing process. We work with a local team of dedicated professionals, notaries, and attorneys. My team of professionals makes certain your transaction is handled expeditiously and with ultimate protection for you-the buyer.

Property Management

Our Property Management Services provides owners with complete assistance with their property and dedicated tenant management. We will provide you with the peace of mind knowing that we have you covered from repairs to rent collection. We will provide maintenance for unexpected emergency incidents. We take care of rent collection, property inspection, inventory, reactive services, and everything in between. Whatever happens, we got you covered.


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Our team has decades of experience selling real estate in the US as well as in Mexico. Our leadership team are all members of NAR, National Association of Realtors, in the US and abide by their Code of Ethics

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We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

Yes! Buying real estate in Mexico as a foreigner is a safe and easy process
that is designed to protect you as the buyer.

A fideicomiso is like a living trust where the bank acts as a trustee. You choose the bank and you maintain complete control over the trust, can have beneficiaries and can sell your property at any time. A fideicomiso is not a lease.

The fideicomiso when first created is established for a period of 50 years and can be renewed at any time and guaranteed forever.

A fideicomiso has a yearly fee payable to the bank.

Real Estate Agent: Your agent is the first point of contact when looking to buy and while their responsibilities are very similar to those of a Real Estate Agent back home there are small differences. Our team of agents are all experienced and qualified to help guild you through this exciting process.

Buyer’s Attorney: We always recommend our clients use a trusted attorney when purchasing real estate in Mexico. It is attorney’s job to represent and protect you as the buyer and your attorney will be responsible for drafting or reviewing all contracts involved with your purchase. We only work with trusted firms whom we have a longstanding relationship with.

Bank (when buying via Fideicomiso): The bank you choose to hold your trust will guarantee that the closing is both appropriate and legal. They will review all documents involved prior to closing taking place and their name and information will be included on the property deed alongside the buyers. The bank trustee is prohibited by Mexican law from transferring ownership of the property, changing beneficiaries or modifying the trust without written instructions from the buyer. The bank you choose with them reviewing all documentation and looking out for your interests as the buyer is just another way to protect your interests.

Notary: The notary is responsible for many things, including the authentication of legal documents and is responsible for ALL real estate transactions in Mexico. Any real estate transaction not approved by a notary and duly recorded in the Public Registry is considered invalid and not enforceable.

Low property taxes is one of the many great aspects of buying in Mexico. You can expect to pay approximately .1% of the property’s value on a yearly basis. If your property is worth $250,000 USD, then your yearly taxes will be around $250 USD. The government loves when people pay early. Should you pay your taxes in December of the year prior (December 2019 for the 2020 tax year) you can save approximately 25%.

As a foreigner buying property within 50 miles of the coast or border you have two options. You can buy via a Fideicomiso (Bank Trust) or with a Mexican corporation.

Absolutely! Should you be looking to buy multiple properties as income generators or buying and selling land some investors choose to do this via a Mexican corporation and we can help guide you through this process.

Closing costs, which include taxes, notary fees, attorneys fees, fideicomiso, escrow and government fees will cost between 5%-9% of the property’s value. The higher the value of the property, typically the lower the closing costs in terms of percentage.

We are one of the only if not the only Real Estate Company that has access to financing programs. Our financing division/partners will be able to walk you through some financing options for your dream home.